Teachers make Creative Escape “worth remembering”

Every year, i have loved the projects! i feel like i have learned so much every single year- but the thing that i love the most (personally) is getting the chance to take classes from such inspiring and passionate women- who are FUN and i consider my friends! when i first started dreaming up the idea of “Creative Escape” one of the things that i really wanted was a way for all the teachers to take each other’s classes- in the past, when i attended events, i felt like as instructors there was no ‘sharing’ — seemed like you kept your class projects top secret, and it felt more like a competition… i remember that i was invited to teach at an event in S. Africa, and they spent the night before letting each one of the teachers give the group of teachers and volunteers a little ‘taste’ of their class- i felt like even in that smallest look into their teaching style and personality i learned so much, and personally benefit by being exposed to other ways of teaching… i haven’t taken many classes- you know, start to finish- so this would be a little ‘dream’ of mine.

Our answer to this, is that each year we have what we call “Preview Day” a few months before the actual event. We get together: teachers, staff, volunteers and take each and every class! work out the bugs, and figure out the kits, etc. it’s been a highlight for me- a much more ‘relaxed’ and social time to get to know the volunteers and teachers alike. anyway… this year was no exception! loved Preview day! we had a blast.
To see even more photos of the class projects,

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