Teachers make Creative Escape “worth remembering”

Every year, i have loved the projects! i feel like i have learned so much every single year- but the thing that i love the most (personally) is getting the chance to take classes from such inspiring and passionate women- who are FUN and i consider my friends! when i first started dreaming up the idea of “Creative Escape” one of the things that i really wanted was a way for all the teachers to take each other’s classes- in the past, when i attended events, i felt like as instructors there was no ‘sharing’ — seemed like you kept your class projects top secret, and it felt more like a competition… i remember that i was invited to teach at an event in S. Africa, and they spent the night before letting each one of the teachers give the group of teachers and volunteers a little ‘taste’ of their class- i felt like even in that smallest look into their teaching style and personality i learned so much, and personally benefit by being exposed to other ways of teaching… i haven’t taken many classes- you know, start to finish- so this would be a little ‘dream’ of mine.

Our answer to this, is that each year we have what we call “Preview Day” a few months before the actual event. We get together: teachers, staff, volunteers and take each and every class! work out the bugs, and figure out the kits, etc. it’s been a highlight for me- a much more ‘relaxed’ and social time to get to know the volunteers and teachers alike. anyway… this year was no exception! loved Preview day! we had a blast.
To see even more photos of the class projects,

Creative Escape Idea Book

by Heidi Swapp

AND, each year, all the amazing projects… in stepped out photos, and step by step instructions…is compiled into an AMAZING idea book! this year was the first time it was bound on the side- making it a landscape oriented book- which was super cool! you can order it on Scrapbook.com (or you will be able to…). there are lots of fun tips and cool ideas in there in addition to the project info! this book was written with all the cutting instructions so you can recreate all of these projects at home, or just be inspired by the pages and pages of trunk show projects submitted by the teachers.

and for sentimental reasons, you have to see the back page… especially, if you have ever been to CE during its 6-year run.

Doug Jones is so awesome! he is always game for all the crazy stuff, and is such an amazing supporter of the Scrapbooking industry. He has just as much passion and love for scrapbooking as any of us, and i really admire him so much as a leader, a business man, a husband and father- and ESPECIALLY grandfather… he is SO great w/ all those little kiddos!

i want to let the teachers know how greatly we appreciate all the effort and energy they each put into Creative Escape! from the Trunk Shows, to their fabulous “Power Point” presentations, two LOOONG days of teaching and of course their amazing creations! my love to all of you! thank you so much for giving SO much of yourselves to this year’s events!

Heidi Swapp’s Halloween Inspiration

Many of you have asked to see Heidi’s inspirational Halloween images from her little talk before the Friday Night Extravaganza, so we are posting them here for all to enjoy… if you visit her blog, you will get all the low-down.

Straight from Heidi’s blog…


huge thanks to Canvas Corp, and BAZZILL for this amazing project… it’s a countdown to Halloween!! and you know how i LOVE halloween! i was totally so excited about this!! Friday Night we like to have a fun project to do, but people are TIRED! so… we only did a few parts of this bad boy… and we kicked it off with a little Halloween inspiration!

are you on Pinterest? i am an addict… and really, there are only 2 kinds of people-

1. people who don’t KNOW about Pinterest

2. people who are addicted to Pinterest!


what is Pinterest, you ask? (you are a #1?)… well… holy cow, you have to go and check it out! it’s this totally amazing, mind blowing universe of creative ideas, inspiration and SHARING! so… it’s social media driven… so you follow people, and find friends etc etc… when you get an account, you start your own boards and start ‘pinning’ things you love- then other people see what you pin, and if they like it, they may pin it toO!! and you can ‘like’ it — here’s the magic: when you pin something, the pin will link you right back to where the image was originally posted! so, you can always have access when you need it! i mean, there has never been a place to organize and catalog all your creative ideas, and inspirations until this! it’s sooo awesome!

ok, anyway- so i was talking about halloween and finding halloween inspriation on Pinterest… and i gathered up a bunch of ideas! now.. these are the images i showed off on Friday night…now, i am just sharing the images- if you would like to find out more about the HOW-TO’s on these… go to Pinterest, and search my name! you will be able to find my boards (and you can follow them) and you can see ALL My halloween inspirations!

The reviews are in… Creative Escape was a hit!

Creative Escape 2006 was an absolute success. We couldn’t have done it without each and every one of our generous sponsors and all of you! Thank you for your support!


Dear Doug and all the staff,
I have never been so impressed with a conference in my life. The integrity and generosity was beyond compare! Everyone was so personable, unraveled and kind to everyone. Your thoughtfulness was without measure! The details! Doug, thank you so much for letting me take classes. I was deeply touched and appreciative. That has never happened to me before. I never get to take classes, ever. I learned so much about scrapbooking and the reasons all the lovely ladies are impassioned. I did a lot of reflecting on my on life and family as well. It was good for me to take a moment, a weekend. Thank you for making that possible. I will never forget it. Thank you. Please count on Art Institute Glitter for next year. It was a pleasure to help you. If there is anything you need presently for your staff, a case of glue, colors for your design room or duplicates for Heidi, please let me know. You’ve been so generous, I would like to reciprocate if at all possible. You have blessed so many lives. Thank you. Thank you.
-Barbara Trombley


EVERYONE AT BAZZILL! thank you so much for the amazing experience you gave this past weekend at CE. I learned so much and am so ready for next year. Everything you all did went way beyond the call of duty for our experience this weekend, right down to each detail! Thank you for everything, and truly changing the way i look at my life! It WAS a life altering experience!
-elizabeth simon


Creative Escape – WOW!!!!!!!! It was one of those weekends that that I have been anticipating for so long and prepping like crazy for and boy oh boy I wasn’t disappointed!! I don’t think I have ever had that much fun while working that hard, I really didn’t want it to end, and neither did the attendees at this first ever Creative Escape event. Before I go any further I just gotta say the crew at Bazzill and Heidi Swapp are simply amazing folks, they have worked round the clock for quick awhile now to pull off this incredible event and no detail went unnoticed, thank you to Doug and Marti Jones and the whole Jones family, as well as Frani, Lisa, and Carol from Bazzill ( and MANY other folks at Bazzill!) as well as the amazing Emily Waters and Heidi Swapp for caring so much, about everyone, including us instructors having a great weekend!!! You guys are the absolute best!!!! The things that made this weekend special were big and little, one of my favorite little things was my room key… I just loved it, when I checked in and they gave me this little key that had the Creative Escape logo on it I just giggled with delight!!… definitely going on a scrapbook page! Some other little things were delivered to our rooms each night like this pink popcorn or this pink bubble bath…. how cool is that??? Another I thing I thought was great was that all the people attending the event got to take all eight classes being offered, no worries about registration and wondering if you were going to get the classes that you wanted!Yeah! I got to have every single student at Creative Escape in my class, and they were all fantastic. I think everyone who attended the event would have to agree that the keynote speaker on our final night Stacy Julian was no less than amazing. the title of Stacy’s talk was “Eat Dessert First” and to set the stage for her inspirational lecture Heidi had chocolate cake served at the beginning of our meal instead of the end, it was the perfect final indulgence for our weekend of scrapbooking indulgence. Stacy’s talk was motivating, moving. and emotional. I have been turning over many of the things she said in my head since Saturday night……good stuff think I am sensing a bit of a paradigm shift here thanks Stacy you really got me thinkin! I left the weekend thinking how lucky I am to have become involved in a hobby that celebrates the stuff of life large and small good and bad, because I am a scrapbooker I save memories, photos and stuff and have an awareness for life’s little moments that I didn’t always have. Its all good. I will close with a few more fun pictures from the weekend. I will put a little photo album on the side as well. Margie and me in my class room, love this gal…. she is so fun! Love these buttons!! We wore them on our rockin name badge lanyards all weekend. The photo below is what the room looked like right before Heidi and Doug gave their Welcome talk to all the folks attending the event. Here all all the instructors at the event except for Heidi, mind you this was at about 11pm on Saturday night..so we are a little worn out ! I think this was the first time we had seen each other almost all weekend! I will close with a final shot of miss Heidi and the darling Capri,even though it was late and they both were tired..they both look fabulous!


What can I say about this event …I think just two words sums up the whole weekend. “It ROCKED!” 🙂 Seriously, it was the most expensive event of it’s kind that scrapbookers have seen to date but everywhere you looked what was done with those extra funds was incredibly evident. Every detail was attended to! And the volunteers, OH THE VOLUNTEERS!! I’ve never seen such kind, special, give-it-my-all-plus-more kind of people. There were minor setbacks to the event, but what event on this magnitude doesn’t have it’s challenges the first time around? The hotel staff and event staff alike all noted the snags and busted their booties to make up for it in whatever way they could. Heidi Swapp and Doug Jones have hit the nail on the head with their event concept. Planned and executed in their hometowns with vendors and hometown volunteers brought in, trained in advance, and ready to ROLL from the first moment the doors opened. It was totally evident that being able to do this on their own turf made a HUGE impact on the success of the event. * Classes – incredible * Instructors – ditto * event execution – I double-dog dare anybody else to come close to how well they pulled this off 🙂 * volunteers – well trained, incredibly kind and all around some of the best human beings on the planet * Venue – Couldn’t have been more beautiful and hotel staff were kind and helpful. Really seemed to appreciate our group. Everyone I talked to was really interested in the scrapbooking industry and what we really did with our passion. I only have one complaint, and it has nothing to do with anybody involved w/ the event. The cell phone service in the resort was HORRIBLE!!! Unless I was on the top floor of the convention center I had less than 2 bars the whole time. In my room I practically had to balance on one leg, hold my left hand in the air as an antenna and hum the sound of music just right in order to get service to call home. But hey, whadda gonna do…..I’ll get over it 🙂 God forbid I actually have to use a *GASP* landline?!?!?! LOLOL Two thumbs up CE staff! You done GREAT!!!!!!


To Whom It May Concern, I attended the Creative Escape weekend in Phoenix this past week and wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your very generous donations. By donating all of the fabulous product that you did, you made the weekend absolutely spectacular! I am looking forward to attending next year already! With much appreciation,
-Tamera Newger


To all the people at Bazzill who worked so hard to make Creative Escape such an awesome event, I say a heartfelt THANK YOU!! My friends and I had a great time, enjoying the “dry heat” of AZ, each others company, and some wonderful classes and projects. Thanks for putting so much of yourselves into this event and for making available such wonderful products in every class! I have been a fan since my first CKU and am sure I have every color cardstock that Bazzill makes so when I heard Bazzill would partner with Heidi Swapp I knew CE was one event I could not miss! Sincerely,
-Sandi Lawson


Hello, Wanted to thank you for a wonderful weekend at Creative Escape! I thoroughly enjoyed myself! and wanted to thank you for all of your hard work and planning to make this weekend a wonderful weekend! Thank you also for opening your doors at the warehouse for some of us! I was wonderful to see where it all takes place! Thanks again! It is greatly appreciated! Can’t wait to register for next year!
-Ginger Nelson
p.s….I think us alums should have first come to register! hee hee hee!


Hello! I just wanted to drop a note to let you all know that my girlfriends and I had a really great time and we appreciate all the obvious hard work that you and all of your staff and volunteers put into this event. We look forward to going annually. Thanks!
-Leticia Barwick


Just wanted to say “Thank You” for everything that you did for Creative Escape! It was a wonderful experience and I can’t wait until next year! The Bazzill Family is truly wonderful! Thank you again!
-Jill Cornelius


I wanna know WHO wrapped all those PRIZES???? HOLY COW!!! Not only the ones given for the raffles, but also, every single *class RAK* was wrapped too1 That must have taken MONTHS to wrap all those!!! Thank you to all the gals (and guys) who spent sooo much time to make those RAKS and prizes even more special!!! I gotta say… Now that I’m home, and am unpacking all my goodies, the level of detail just amazes me! I think some of it got lost in all the excitement while I was there, but good golly miss molly! Everything from the specialized key…to the Heidi napkins, to the flip flops, to the RAKS, to the prizes, to the photo op in front of those ROCKIN flowers…to the VERY cool name tags…to the cute little buttons we got to purchase…to the goodies in the room….to the surprise classes….to the mini classes….to the dessert before dinner….to the rockin lunch boxes…to the sodas and water in the classrooms…to the RAKS in every class…to the darling little tote giveaways on the tables…to the ROCKIN store…to the postal services at the ROCKIN store…to the trunk show…to the ABSOLUTELY FANTABULOUS, ROCKIN, AMAZING, KICK ASS (oops) BOOK of everything that’s Creative Escape!!! That…. was pure GENIUS!!! And how aMAZing was STACY!!! OH MY WORD!!! I’ve always loved and adored her, and have always known she’s a FABBO teacher, but HOLY COW!!! Is she not the most amazing motivational speaker you’ve ever heard??? WOW!!!! Heck…. I’d pay a ton of $$$ just to see her speak again!!! How lucky are WE!!! Stacy…if you’re reading this… YOU ROCK!!!! (oh… hehehe…. uh… and I’ve got some great shots of you *up close and personal* from Allison’s class, hehehehe…. That was FUN!) Sadly, I have to skip my son’s wedding next year, since it’s on Sept. 8th… sniff, sniff… Hope he’ll understand…. Thank you Bazzill!!!


Thank you Bazzill!!! Thank you once again for inviting me to your 1st Creative Escape! You did an amazing job with a first class Event!! We (Rhonda, Lynette and myself) were inspired!! It was well worth it to bring our two Managers with me!! Thanks again!!!
-Trudy Dombroski


THIS WAS AWESOME! INCREDIBLE!! WONDERFUL!! A BIG BLESSING, A BLAST AND AN EXPERIENCE TO BE REMEMBERED!!! THANK YOU ! THANK YOU ! THANK YOU if you had any whiners they have got to be a small portion!!! and i am sorry they whined! it was OUTSTANDING! all your EFFORTS SHOWED AND YOUR TIME MAN YOUR TIME!!! i am emailing sponsors too! and I think ya’ll could use some calgon!! Paul and Mr Bazzill I will look for a masculine scent! LOL and GO YOU !!!!!! FOR BLESSING THE FOOD! IT WAS EVIDENT THIS EVENT WAS BATHED IN PRAYER AND THANK YOU FOR FOLLOWING YOUR HEART AND BLESSING THE FOOD AT THE EVENT Lisa your boys are precious! ( when we saw them in the bathroom) MANY MANY THANKS!!!!!!!! AGAIN


Carol… You guys ROCKED IT!!! Creative Escape was absolutely amazing and you will have a big job to top it next year…but I can’t wait!! Everything was very well thought out and the time that was spent cutting and preparing kits etc…WOW!! I hope that you all have a few days to kick back and enjoy the success!!! Thanks again…
-Lynette Steingard


Where to begin? Thank you so much for hosting this great event along with Heidi Swapp! What a wonderful weekend it was, so well-planned and with such a personal touch for each of us. Despite the hundreds there, I felt that each one of us was made to feel special. Thanks so much to your company for all the great class supplies, prizes and giveaways. Thanks to the staff for always being there for us and for making us feel so welcome. You are all a great group of people and I am proud to have met you. As a participant in one of the tours to the warehouse and Scrapbooks etc., I want to thank you for that opportunity and for opening your sale to us a week early. Thanks to Amy Totty for being a great “tour guide” and for the visors and all the other gifts at the cocktail party. Thanks To “Mr Bazzill” for being a wonderful host throughout the event. I have been to many other scrapbooking events and conventions and this is the best so far!
-Pam Gerdes


OMG what a fabulous time!!!!! Please give us all first dibs at next years registration. I definitely don’t want to be left out. I will come early and stay late to take advantage of the tour and shopping. So bummed I missed out on that. You guys ROCK!!!!!!
-Carrie Lammert


Thanks so much for being such a fabulous sponser of this event..I cant imagine it without your awesome products and the wonderful staff you shared with us!!!…getting to come to the warehouse sale was icing on the cake!!…thanks for all you did for us!..
-Lesa Nicely


I truly appreciate all the hard work that everyone did to put this on for us! I never saw anyone without a smile and a willingness to help! And when everyone is smiling, it’s just infectious! The projects were outstanding! I’m so happy I followed my third thought (as Stacey Julian would say) and came to this event! I already have a room reserved for next year! When all the details are worked out, I’ll transfer it to the CE block. I’ve talked 2 more of my friends into coming. I am so baaaaddd!!! I showed them the projects and explained all the little details that you did for us…caught em hook, line, & sinker!




To all involved in the most fabulous weekend in a lifetime!!! > > Thank you for such a great Creative Escapes weekend last weekend. I was > so > impressed with all of the attention to detail and special surprises every > day. It was such an enormous undertaking and it was fabulous!! Everything > went so well, and you should all be so proud of such a successful event > (especially for the 1st time!!). The classes were great and your staff > awesome. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. What a wonderful group of > people!! I enjoyed everyone so… much. I enjoyed everyone so much that > I > want to move to Arizona to be by my new “best friends.” > > Please thank everyone who contributed to this wonderful event from the > receptionist, to the paper cutters, to Mr. Bazzill himself!! I can not > wait > a whole year for the next one!!! Maybe you should even do a smaller event > 6 > months from now?? > > Thanks again for the best weekend ever – Beth Gately (Lake Oswego, OR) > >All Of You At Bazzill!!! Thank You does not say enough for all your generous support with Creative Escape!! I can not even begin to tell you all how much I appreciate the time and effort you put into this event. I know everyone must have sacrificed time with their families to get everything together and I want to tell you that we have been so spoiled, I will never be able to go to any other scrapbooking event aside from C.E. Thank you so much for your generosity! Erin Coleman Paul – and Autumn – Thanks again. I really appreciate that you were able to get me into the group with my friend. We had a great time.
-Tami Sipos from Riverside 😉